Transparent, fixed pricing. Clear ROI.

Enforce 3 rules - FREE for all pay slips, every cycle
Unlimited rules - $1  per employee, per month

How pricing works

No platform fees. No hidden costs. Celery’s pricing is simple and fixed - giving you a clear view of your spend and ROI. 

It’s hard to find savings with payroll processors alone


Avg. weekly overtime hours for U.S. manufacturing employees


Avg. weekly overtime hours on manufacturing payslips audited by Celery

“What I appreciate most about Celery is the accuracy and the time it has saved me on a weekly basis”

- Natoya Smellie, Operations Director, Ultimate Care

Want to see what’s hiding in your data?
We’ll audit your last quarter for free.

Celery can show you what you’re not seeing, with enterprise-grade data security.
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