We’re on a mission to help finance teams achieve maximum profitability and mitigate risk to the bottom line.

Our story

Payroll mistakes are expensive. US businesses are losing $248,735 per 1,000 employees to time and expense errors alone. And the average US payroll contains 15 mistakes; it’s stressful for employees & hurts profitability.

Celery co-founder Hillel Shalev knows all about risk to the bottom line. When he was a CFO in a multinational public biomed company, he found himself spending hours each week on manual audits. Hours reconciling discrepancies in spreadsheets. And still, there would be errors on pay stubs and invoices.

Hillel looked for a solution. A digital product that could prevent human error and give him back those hours of manual work - but it didn’t exist. 

So we created it ourselves. Celery is the world’s first automated audit layer, built to catch mistakes before they happen, increase finance team productivity and grow the bottom line.

There’s a whole lot more to come

Hillel Shalev calls Celery co-founder Yuval Brot. The pair realize there’s a clear need for a product that protects finance teams from human error. 
They persuade technical expert Noam Slomianko to come on board and help them solve the problem. Within a few months, Celery is ready to take our MVP to market: an automated audit layer for busy payroll teams.

The founders secure a funding round from US venture capital firms and investors 

A successful paid pilot with a US care business saves $151,000 on overtime costs 

Our leadership team

Yuval Brot
Celery CEO
Yuval Brot

CEO, Co-founder

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Noam Slomianko  
Celery CTO
Noam Slomianko

CTO, Co-founder

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Hillel Shalev

COO, Co-founder

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